Duterte mum on Abella’s removal as his spokesperson

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—  President Rodrigo Duterte  declined to comment why he fired Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella.

Ina press briefing before leaving for Japan  at the Davao International Airport Sunday night, October 29, Duterte was asked why he replaced Abella,but his answer was short  “The reason is personal decision. I am not about to explain why I did it.”

Asked what will happen to Undersecretary Abella now? He quipped , I will answer it when he is there.”

The press briefing was facilitated by Abella’s successor  Kabayan Representative Harry Roque .

Middle of the question and answer with the press, Duterte introduced Roque “Meet my malacanang spokesperson he will carry my word to the public  and he is very competent, able lahat na, It’s in the messaging actually we cannot speak with the same words altogether but how he would covey that message from me would me most important I trust that he would be able to come up to the expectation.”

The Newsline.ph sources however said Abella often over explained Duterte’s statement which often complicates the issue and the fatal mistake was on his statement about his statement last October 13 when he said the President was fed the wrong information about the removal of the Philippines from the United Nations (UN).

The same source said Abella is being considered to take a post as Ambassador and he will be given the chance to choose  between two countries.-Editha Z. Caduaya/Newsline.ph