Farmers dream: A farm to Market Road

North Cotabato Second District representative Nancy A. Catamco (in gray shirt) inspects the route for the proposed farm to market road from the village of Potpot, Nabunturan to the municipal public market of Ilumavis.-Photos from: Melchor Umpan Bayawan

KIDAPAWAN CITY, Philippines — North Cotabato Second District Representative Nancy A. Catamaco inspects the proposed farm to market road for farmers from  Popot Usa (Nabunturan) to the town proper in Ilomavis town Kidapawan City.

Farmers and residents in the village endure the undeveloped road and longer time travel to the municipal district.

“We have to make a bold step to help our people especially the agricultural sector, providing them the basic infrastructure they need is a commitment,” Catamco emphasized.  

Residents in the area are used to walking to about 2.5 kilometers along the hills  in a misty climate and fogs to reach the town.

The village of Ilumavis, Kidapawan City, Cotabato, Philippines is a place located at latitude (7.027042) and longtitude (125.109428) on the map of Philippines.



Catamco called on the agencies concerned to help he realize the farmers dream as she brought officials from the the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mines and Geosciences Bureau and BLGU and Madadma during the joint ocular inspection.Farmers in this village have long dreamed of having a farm to market road as it is very expensive for them to bring their produce to the municipal center.

The cool climate helps the farmer grow vegetables and other crops but bringing their produce to the market has been a perennial  problem.

Farmers in the villages often sell their products to the middleman who takes their products at a cheaper price but they are helpless because the mode of transport is a poblem.

Residents in the area welcome this development as it is a good economic opportunity for them to sell their products at the good price and this time transportation cost is cheaper.

The inspection was in preparation for the farm to market road which is in the offing.-EZC/ All Photos from: Melchor Umpan Bayawan