Lamitan City Welcomes the Heroes of Marawi

COMING HOME. Scout rangers sailed from Marawi to Lamitan City with their mission accomplished.-Photo by: Richard G. Falcatan

LAMITAN CITY, Philippines — Residents here warmly welcome the heroes of Marawi who arrived Thursday morning November 2, 2017 aboard the military vessel.

Scout Rangers returning set foot in the soil of Lamitan City, Basilan.

People from  Lamitan City, Basilan led by Mayor Rose Furigay welcomes Marawi Liberators of the Army Scout Ranger.


Residents cheered as they welcome their  heroes coming home.

The welcome reception was filled with emotions, some teary-eyed others chanting Mabuhay!
Some residents offered flowers and water to the returning scout rangers.
All government forces who were deployed during the five-month Marawi siege received heroes welcome in their respective areas when they returned home.
Filipinos in every corner of the country took pride of their soldiers who ushered the victory of the nation in crashing the establishment of an Islamic State in Asia in Marawi City.
The Lamitan Scout Ranger contingent stayed over months in Marawi until it was liberated from the control of the IS-inspired Maute terrorists. photos by –Richard G. Falcatan/