Why Cagayan is a Must-Visit Place

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CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY  (June 26) —The City of Golden friendship, Cagayan de Oro City, capital city of Misamis Oriental, known for its white water rafting and Black Nazarene replica, has more to offer for people who are unfamiliar and willing to explore the awesome side of the city.

Cagauan, a highly urbanized city located at the northern coast of Mindanao, is home for thousands of Kagay-anons and other Filipinos who decided to permanently reside in the city, with Cebuano Bisaya as its main dialect. Before the recognition of its official name, during the early Spanish occupation, it was formerly called Cagayan de Misamis.

Through House Bill No. 54 which is now Republic Act No. 521, signed by the former President Elpidio Quirino, the city has received its own charter. The “de Oro” in the city’s name, Cagayan de Oro, was affixed by the late Congress representative Emmanuel Pelaez, as a tribute to the gold miners in the remote areas of the city.


River rafting in Kayag is a must.


One must experience and discover the wide variety of places and activities that the city can offer, from food to extreme sports, one can find it here. Cagayan de Oro is perfect for an adventurer and foodie alike.

Aside from white water rafting, which Cagayan de Oro is famous of, visiting the historic, Macahambus Cave, is a must. The cave became a hideout in 1900 of the Kagay-anon soldiers who defeated the American forces, during the Battle of Macahambus Hill—the first victory of Filipinos during the Filipino-American War.

Sinulom Spring Water Falls. Photo courtesy: Cagayan de Oro City Tourism Facebook

For a nature loving person, Mapawa Nature Park is also another place to visit. Located 30 minutes from the city proper. Mapawa Nature Park is known for its trail hike, and river trek, that leads to a century old heritage tree, and waterfalls. If you’re looking for a more cultural and traditional experience, from a very short distance, there is the Malasag Eco Tourism Village.

The famous sinuglaw


By wandering the bustling streets, one can find street food vendors, along the way, selling the irresistibly famous “Proben,” a fried delicacy of coated with a flour and other spices. The city is also known for its Sinuglaw, a unique version of Kinilaw, where two cooking style is needed to prepare it. Sinuglaw is composed of a fresh cut of tuna, grilled liempo, lime, coconut wine vinegar, tabon-tabon, and other spices.


Cagayan de Oro Street Carnival Dance. Photo courtesy: Cagayan de Oro City Tourism Facebook

Cagayan is a visayan speaking region but the local dialect is different.

Here the catch:

Cebuano says- Dali (Come here) , Cagayanons says-Ali , Cebuano says Gawas (go out), Cagayanon says Lugwa’.

 Knowing the culture and traditions of a place is an important activity to do while going to an unfamiliar place.

To learn more about its history and cultural heritage, the City Museum of Cagayan de Oro, Museo de Oro, and The Museum of Three Cultures, provides tourists with ample information.

From its beginnings and changes, Cagayan de Oro is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the country. Consisting of a very rich cultural heritage and hospitable people, experiencing Cagayan de Oro must be worth of one’s time. “Lugwa na mo, ali sa Kagay-an”-Hensell Prince Hebaya/NewsLine.ph

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