Dismantle all checkpoints!

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa ordered the dismantling of all checkpoints all over the country, starting November 2, 2016.

The dismantling follows after President Rodrigo Duterte Saturday, October 29 in Cotabato City said “all checkpoints must be dismantle and only mobile checkpoints will be established if necessary.”

Fixed checkpoints have been established ll over the country for years, but Duterte finds it as among the causes of trvale delays, though he hinted some areas might need fixed checkpoints but it will depend on the intelligence reports.

Dela Rosa for his part emphasized “It will not affect the fight against drugs and criminality, We can establish mobile checkpoints anytime if it is necessary,” he added.

PNP Directorate for Operations Director Chief Superintendent Camilo Cascolan said they will replace the checkpoints with the implementation of mobile checkpoints in order to focus on the conduct of foot patrolling and intensification of police visibility on the streets.

Cascolan said fixed checkpoints will be installed if PNP is pursuing criminals or conducting dragnet and case operational plan to secure the area.