Foreign students barred from staying in apartment due to smell

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (February 9)–Management of a condominium here is under fire by netizens for refusing Indian medical students entry to their units because of smell.

The incident happened last February 2, in Maa, Talomo District, this city.

In a report filed by Sheillah Vergara-Rubio of GMA’s 24Oras-Davao, the student who refused to give statements on camera said arrangement were made but they were prohibited entry to the condominium, the very same day of their transfer.

They said are used to people avoiding them because of smell but they are surprised why then were prohibited entry to their apartment when arrangements were made.

The steward of the condo told the Indian students they received instructions from the management prohibiting them to stay in the units.

The students made arrangement with the owner.

Unfortunately, on the very day of their transfer, they were barred entry.

Good Samaritans however intervened and offered their units to the students.

Davao City has anti-discrimination law, which punishes persons or discriminating other people due to religion, gender and disability.

Cudlob Doow Lezah in his faceboook page says foreign nationals and Indians “They deserve to be treated well, they have their right to get in as long as they are paying, dapat sa hotel na yan pinapasara din, pag labag sa karapatang pantao…” wrote one commenter.

[This hotel must be ordered closed too. This is a violation of human rights.]