Injured turtle for rehabilitation

DAVAO CITY, Philippines  – One of the two sea turtles is still recuperating at the turtle sanctuary of the Cleanergy Park in Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, a reason why the release was deferred in March 1.

The two Hawkbill sea turtles were found by residents trapped in a mangrove area, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the veterinarian sought for the extension of the release as they noticed the sea turtle was bleeding.

Davao City has established a sea turtle sanctuary in a private property for years now, following the discovery of a nesting place in Punta Dumalag.

The Hawksbill sea turtle, weighing around 65 kilograms, was found trapped inside the cleanergy park last February 25.

The wound was caused by the movement of the turtle as it struggled to be free.

Davao Light and Power Company Community Relation Officer Fermin P. Edillon

Only the Green Sea turtle found by the residents of Barangay Bucana on February 24, which was released as it was found to be stable and healthy.

The wounded sea turtle has to recuperate first before it is set to be released again to the sea, said Edillion added.

Edillion said that the release was not pushed through after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and their partner veterinarian assessed the condition of the Hawksbill sea turtle.

When asked when will be the next possible release of the turtle, Edillion said that they could not tell yet since it would matter on how the sea turtle responds to the treatment to be given to it.

Aside from the released of the sea turtle, they also found four sea turtle nest inside the park just last January 10 and 25 and February

8 and 24. According to Edillion, these eggs are expected to hatch next week.

They believe that it is another Hawksbill sea turtle , which is already a critically endangered turtle, that is nesting in the area or it could be another kind of sea turtle.