Duterte signs resolution increasing the salaries of soldiers and cops

President Rodrigo Duterte salutes to the soldiers in one of his camp visits. On January 1, Duterte signed the Joint Resolution increasing the salaries of the soldiers and cops.-File photo/Simeon Celi Jr./PPD

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte signed the joint resolution by the Senate and House of Representatives authorizing the increase in base pay of military and uniformed personnel (MUP) in the government.

Duterte signed the joint resolution earlier passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on January 1. A copy was released to media on Tuesday, January 9.

When Duterte promised to increase the salaries of the soldiers and the cops he asked them to be faithful to the country and follow the rule of law. He however, specifically asked policemen to stay away from corruption and temptations of drugs money.

On Tuesday, January 9, Malacañang released the Congress’ Joint Resolution No. 1, which covers all military and uniformed personnel under the Department of National Defense (DND), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA).

The joint Joint Resolution whcih Duterte signed on January 1, cites the need to adjust the compensation package of MUP in order to make it more commensurate with their critical role in maintaining national security and peace and order, taking into consideration their exposure to high-risk environments in the performance of their duties.

The Resolution also provides that modification of the base pay for the MUP “shall be aligned with the objective of maintaining fiscal integrity and pursuing pension reform.”

The Resolution was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on Dec. 11 and Dec. 13, 2017, respectively.

The resolution provides an increase in the base pay of candidate soldiers up to the rank of chief master sergeant in the military and their equivalent ranks in the other agencies.

Meanwhile, the increase in the base pay for the ranks of first master sergeant to general and their equivalent ranks in the DILG, PCG, and NAMRIA will be implemented over two years.The hike benefits the lowest-ranked uniformed personnel, who would receive a nearly 100% increase in their base pay.

Hazard pay for uniformed personnel will also be fixed at P540 a month, according to the resolution.

Increasing the salaries of the soldiers and the police was among the campaign promises of Duterte.


The teachers salary increase has also taken effect since January 1 .-Editha Z. Caduaya/Newsline.ph