Revolutionary Government?

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What is there to be afraid of RevGov?

“I’d go to RevGov only if the ship of state is about to sink…maybe I’d be forced. That is a very extreme measure,” President Rodrigo Duterte said. 

Putting up a revolutionary government at this time was like looking for a headache, he added.  

Malacanang, on Monday, said there was no factual or legal basis to declare a RevGov.

Back in 2015, the President gave himself six months to one year to do the reforms that he wants to do. “If the system becomes obstructionist and I become inutile, I will declare a revolutionary government,” he said.

On November 30, thousands of supporters gathered in different areas of the country to demand for a revolutionary government.  It was a gathering, mostly in support of the move for Federalism and in support to the current Presidency. 

It was a non-violent means of asserting varied voices by those in the fringes.  Like it or not, it was also democracy in action.

On dangerous grounds. 

On the same breath, progressive groups commemorated the day with marches and protest rallies. 

After all, the great Andres Bonifacio led a real revolution in a bid to emancipate the majority from oppression. 

On the contrary, the call for RevGov was meant to further concentrate power in the hands of the few.

But what difference does it have from other groups that are seeking to destabilize the government?

One would understand the frustration and disenchantment coming from several years of neglect from national government officials who were unable to stand by their commitment to the people, and who refuse to listen and act on the best interest of the public. 

Albeit, not a good excuse and an utterly irresponsible way to surrender one’s responsibility towards the nation to just few persons in power.   

There will always be differing views.  All passionate stance.  But it is not all about RevGov nor an inclination to support revolutionary movements, otherwise the CPP-NPA-NDF would have won already.   

The movers behind different camps knows their own motivation. And the public, contrary to claims that the majority are unthinking idiots, are well discerning enough. 

Does RevGov matter to the public? I doubt so.  If one would care to walk around the streets of wherever they may be or talk to the people in the outskirts, one would be amazed on how people are doing things on their own and do the best that they can with whatever they have.  

These are the kind of people that warms the heart and gives hope that things would be better for the country.   Changes are slowly taking place in respective local government units and municipalities.

From government employees and other frontline workers who are quietly dispensing their work efficiently, even if there are still loopholes in the system.  

It is in the everyday decision of laborers and workers to participate in the economy and fend for themselves. 

It is actively exercising one’s citizenship by questioning and leveling the discourse other than whining and labeling people with differing views.

It is also respecting that these views may take on differing forms of expression and action. 

What is there to be afraid of but ourselves?  Especially when we become impatient with the “others” who cannot understand our point.  What is there to be afraid of, but when crackdown on legal organizations and progressive groups continue, and death becomes a normal prescription for those who think differently.   

There are angst and they are not coming from nowhere.  As there will always be flawed movements. 

One does not dangle with democracy with a two- edged sword. (Email comments to

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