Being in the Moment

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Notice how we tend to lose our focus on any given moment.

The impulse to check on our phones while talking to a friend or family member, or while eating or even when working.  The tendency to scroll through the status update on social media.  The habit of cutting off people in mid-sentence to interject our point.

We have a hard time being fully present. At one time in our daily life, we also tend to invalidate the people around us.

I remember a friend who had made it practice not to open her browser nor check her phone whenever we are together.  She taught and gave me the invaluable gift of undivided attention and the value of active listening to be able to follow through the conversation. To take things as they are, without any judgment.

More time spent to be still to allow the beauty of the present moment to engulf us.

Some time to rest and honor our body and listen to the signal that it gives us. Of knowing when to stop and pause.

Some time to recharge and replenish the senses.  There are no hard and fast rules.  Anything that could uplift the spirit.

I think one of life’s grace is the gift of being there in the moment. Fully present to listen, learn from, unlearn some things and find ourselves. It is having a clearer understanding that things are what it is and that if we allow it, life guides us in the right direction.

Wherever we are, we are meant to be.

In honoring our spirit and the body we live in. We take time to rest as much as we take in. We collect information and sift through it to find clarity. We take time to ponder and weed out the unnecessary so as to be unburdened.

We take time to fully tune in and connect. And we can only do this when we are mindful of the things that we do and we stick with the discipline of not doing it all.

Some days to do nothing but listen to the chirping birds, wake up slow and play with the colors of sunshine seeping through the window.

Some days for real conversation and to be able to drop everything for things that matter.

Some days to take things slow.

Some days to be.

It is in finding time to acknowledge that we have done enough, that we are enough. Never competing but finding stillness and comfort in our own voice to do our own thing.

Doing our own small step to be.  Everyday.

Life is all about finding moments to be, treasuring it in our hearts and allowing it to guide as we share it with others.

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