Taiwanese mother-daughter supplying illegal drugs inside women’s correctional arrested

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Manila, Philippines —  Enterprising illegal drugs queen continue to sell prohibited drugs inside her detention cell at the government’s Correctional Institute for Women (CIW) in Mandaluyong  City while her daughter operates as conduit in her trade.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino identified the mother as Yu Luk  Lai, 72, Taiwanese  and her daughter Diane Yu.

The elder Yu also uses the alias Yuk Lai Sze and Anna Sy Balmeo.

Yu was convicted for possession of illegal drugs in 2001 but  continued her illegal drug trade under the radar while authorities focused on the drug trade at the NBP, reports said.

The mother-daughter tandem,  supply shabu inside the CIW as the later is an accredited rice supplier at the women facility where her mother is detained.

Worse, some illegal drugs entered the facility via women’s pantyliners and often inserted in the sacks of rice  as the cover.

Shabu enters the Correctional Institute for Women via the pantyliners.-Photo by PDEA

The front

Aquino theorized, Diane Yu, being an accredited rice supplier at the CIW’s catering services is given special treatment using  her VIP access and use the same access to facilitate the entry of prohibited  drugs in the facility.

With her status, Yu reportedly enjoys two bodyguards, one was  identified as Police Officer 3 Walter Vidad, a member of the PNP-Special Action Force and another one from the Police Security and Protection Group (not Presidential Security Group (PSG) as earlier reported), whose identity remains unknown.

Vidad is now undergoing investigation

The operation

Aquino revealed the  PDEA tasked Special Enforcement Service Director Levi Ortiz to monitor the movement of the mother-daughter  for months which led to the dawn raid.

During the surveillance and monitoring, Ortiz found out that cohorts of the elder Yu were able to smuggle illegal drugs into the prison by stashing the shabu inside sacks of rice and other goods.

Huge sum was also found in the possession of the elder Yu inside her prison cell.-Photo by PDEA

During the raid, the operatives found 135 grams of shabu, worth almost P1 million, packed in pantyliners while another two kilos were found in packs and jars in Yu’s cell.

Yu had been selling the shabu-packed pantyliners for P5,000 to P25,000 per piece and PDEA said its informants were able to buy from her.

Aside from the shabu, a million capsules said to contain illegal drugs and a million more empty capsules were seized inside the cell.

The authorities also found and confiscated bank transaction receipts and checks – with transactions amounting to no less than P2 million – as well as ATM cards were also recovered in Yu’s cell.

Aquino said the PDEA will ask the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLaC) to investigate the Yu’s on this matter.

Yu was convicted for possession of illegal drugs in 2001 and has since continued her illegal drug trade under the radar while authorities focused on the drug trade at the NBP, officials said.

The illegal drugs cartel

Ortiz confirmed that Yu could be part of a bigger drug group that has links to convicted drug suspects at the NBP.

Authorities said the elder Yu, is linked to druglords Ben Marcelo, Jaybee Sebastian and Peter Co, all inmates at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), a men’s facility.

During the implementation of a search warrant, P10 million worth of shabu was also seized from Yu’s daughter, who denied the allegations saying the drugs were planted.

Diane also denied bribing PDEA personnel P5-million.

The PDEA will file charges against the mother and the daughter for the violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.-Editha Z. Caduaya/Newsline.ph

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