Duterte to review unfinished projects

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DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Will Davao del Sur road be among the list of “unfinished projects  to  be investigated?

This question is raised by motorists from Davao region to Cotabato Province and Saranggani and other areas in Southern Mindanao passing the stretch, as President Rodrigo Duterte Tuesday afternoon, January 16 announced that he would initiate a review of public works projects that remained unfinished for years.

In his speech during the inauguration of the new Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems. Duterte categorically stated
“So I will review with the Cabinet this one. All public works projects, which have been delayed for years, you get out immediately and I can maybe look for the money.”

“We’re doing good in the field of taxation. I’m sure Tugade and Dominguez can look for the money. Umalis kayo diyan, ‘yung lahat ng butas, ‘yung may manhole diyan,” the President said.

The Davao-Cotabato-General Santos road has been undergoing construction for years but until now, it it is an unfinished work.

Traffic accidents in the affected Davao-Sta. Cruz; Sta. Cruz Digos and Bansalan-North Coatabato road come as a weekly occurence while the Department of Public Works and Highways mum about it.

In going south, motorist would first notice teh stil unfinished Davao-Inawayan bridge which has been ongoing for more than three years.

A cargo truck was stuck in an unfinished bridge along Davao-Digos road.-Photo: Newsline.ph

next to the Inawayan problem is the Darong bridge and many more which motorist describe  “A project Forever.”

“I grow up with that under construction road, I started to notice that when I was a kid and now I am 21 years old, it is still being constructed,” Katrina, a resident of North Cotabato said.

During the Tuesday speech, Duterte noted that highways in the country are clogged with unfinished products and that accidents multiply because of the sheer negligence also of the people handling the project.

“This insanity must stop,” he said.

Duterte reiterated his call to do away with the practice of awarding government contracts to the lowest bidder.

“Because everyday that a certain contract is bidded out, it’s always tainted with corruption, 90 percent,” he said, noting that it is hard to find a transaction that’s “almost clean.”

To address this, the President said he would propose to do the turnkey phases.

“We will come up with the specifications, the projected cost and everything — just like the Swiss challenge,” Duterte explained.

“We will present it to you. I’ll give you 10 percent for mobilization. But you must be a company with a track record. You must have the equipment. And I will not allow subcontracts, which means to say that those who — a few people that have also improved their lives maybe have reached the middle-income state because of that,” he said.

During his speech, the President also issued a warning against local officials who are sitting on their job.

“I’m warning the local government officials. I do not want to threaten you but you just do your duty also because remember, I can always suspend or dismiss you if I want to,” he said.

“I’ve been sparing. I’m not the Ombudsman. But administratively I can hang you. So do it, those governors and mayors who are deadwoods or who do nothing at hinayaan mo na lang kami ditong mga pulis pati the Armed Forces to take care of everything and you are not doing anything to serve your constituents, including dying for your people, umalis kayo diyan,” the President said.-Editha Z. Caduaya/with PND report

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