Government to open “Closed” Dapecol roads today

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DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The government will open two provincial roads within the 30,000-hectare government property which house the Davao Penal Colony (DAPECOL) and within the leased property of Tagum Agricultural Development Company Inc. (TADECO).

In a letter dated  February 20, 2018, Congressman  Johny Pimentel, chairperson of the Committee on Government and Public Accountability, asked Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) XI director Ruth Manigos-Tawan-tawan to help define the public roads which are reportedly closed by TADECO.

TADECO is owned by the family of Davao Del Norte Rep. Antonio Floirendo Jr.

The letter

Tawan-tawan in an interview with said “We received the letter from Congressman Pimentel and  will just help them define the government property in accordance with our survey.”

In the letter, Pimentel stated that Anthony Alexander Viloria, president of TADECO has given it’s consent for the survey.

TADECO reportedly closed the  public roads identified as JCT Highway Bugtong Lubi-Balagunan and JCT Balagunan highway which lead to barangay Tulalian. .

The JCT Highway-Balagunan

Today, hundreds of residents will reportedly join the survey in an attempt to open the closed roads which lead to Barangays Tulalian and its neighboring villages. Earlier on residents protested the closure of what they described as a government road.

The reporttedly closed JCT Highway-Balagunan leading to barangay

TADECO, has been leasing the government land for decades has a Joint Venture Agreement with Bureau of Corrections, until recently House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez questioned the agreement.

Alvarez move stemmed from his personal spat with Davao del Norte Second District Congressman Antonio Floirendo Jr.  then President of TADECO.

Edwin Jubahib, the staff of Alvarez told “the public roads were closed and we will open it tomorrow (today) with the the concerned agencies)

The Dapecol was established on January 21, 1932 in Panabo City, which sits at the  30,000 government land with a prison reservation of 8,000 hectares.

History says, On October 7, 1931, Governor Dwight Davis signed proclamation 414 which reserved a site for Penal Colony in Davao Province in Mindanao and on January 21, 1932 by virtue of Act No. 3732, the Davao Penal Colony was formally established.

In April 2017, Solicitor General Jose Calida called for the nullification of the land deal between the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) and banana firm Tagum Agricultural Development Company Inc. (TADECO), which is owned by the family of Davao Del Norte Rep. Antonio Floirendo Jr.

TADECO has been providing employment to thousands of workers from Davao del Norte and its neighboring provinces.

Some inmates Davao Penal Colony are also allowed to work in the plantation but only those who are allowed by the officials.-Editha Z. Caduaya/

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