Ateneo to file charges vs Comelec director who threatens a professor over son’s low grade

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DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Ateneo de Davao University is now preparing a case against a parent along with his sister and a bodyguard,  who threatened a university professor who gave a low grade to his son.

In a statement issued by University President Fr. Joel E. Tabora S.J., he did not identify the parent, but in a blotter at the Sta. Ana Police Station, the parent was identified as Remlane Tambuang, a lawyer, the regional Director of the Commission on Elections XI (Comelec), his sister Walina N. Tambuang  and an unnamed bodyguard.

The police blotter stated on or about 3:00 in the afternoon Tuesday, March 20, Ateneo Vice President Jeremy “Bong” Eliab called out “Code Black” over the radio,  which means personal threat at 5th floor Jubilee Bldg.

The call prompted all security guards and roving guards to rush the area.

When the security guards arrived at the building,  Tambuang and his sister, along with a bodyguard went out from the school of arts and sciences office.

The blotter added “when he noticed presence of more or less ten security personnel at the hallway of said office, Tambuang told the guards “ANO ANG PROBLEMA DITO, BAKIT MARAMING GUARD? HINDI NAMAN AKO GANUN KA CRIMINAL. HINDI NYO BA ALAM NA AKO ANG DIRECTOR NG COMELEC? BAKA GUSTO NYO HINDI BIGYAN NG FIREARMS EXEMPTION AND DASIA”

Of which the guard reportedly answered “wala naman po problema sir mag roving lang kami.”

At about 6:30 in the evening same day, the university officials reportedly conducted a fact finding about the incident inside the SAS office. Dean Renante Pilapil and assistant dean Nelly Limbadan told Ateneo officicals they heard Tambuang saying “HINDI NYO BA ALAM NA PAMILYA KAMI NG MGA LAWYER AT PAMILYA DIN KAMI NG MGA KILLER?”

Tambuang reportedly confronted the professor, over the low grade of his son, who was not allowed to graduate this March.

Tambuang’s ex-wife, Banaybanay Mayor Adalia Lopez, told “When my son informed me about his grade, I told him na i-take nya ulit, bata pa naman sya at normal yan sa college student. But, when I was informed that Remlani went to Ateneo and threatened the professor, That was a conduct  unbecoming.”

Banaybanay municipal Mayor Ada Caballero Lopez-Fb Photo

The statement of Tabora added “The ADDU is a Safe Zone not only for it’s students but also for it’s teachers who ought to be able to teach and give out grades accordingly, free from intimidation and threats from parents or any related persons or personalities. Parental bullying based on public office or on one’s legal profession has no place at ADDU nor in any school, public or private, in the Philippines.”

Tabora also corrected the news reports and even social media posts, saying the parent did not brandish gun, the school authorities reviewed the CCTV footage.

He added, the “Social media posts have not helped in conveying the truth but have only bewildered the issue.. In the arena of social media where fake news and  sensationalism thrive in abundance, it is imperative for an educational institution and its community to be more vigilant in ascertaining and disseminating only what is
true and rejecting what is false or misleading.”

Fr. Joel Tabora S.J., , President of the Ateneo de Davao University.Sourced photo

Tabora explained “When a college student receives an unfavorable grade from his or her teacher, complaints from the student and/or the latter’s parents as well as
requests for reconsideration of grades are inevitable. This scenario is all too common during this time of the year.”

The university, according to Tabora has an existing procedures that a student may wish to avail of in order that s/he can be heard before an appropriate body.

Tabora in a statement said “When a parent accompanied by relatives and body guards comes in brandishing statements like “WE ARE A FAMILY OF LAWYERS AND KILLERS!” or “WE CAN TAKE DOWN THIS SCHOOL” — these are statements the ADDU as a University can only take very seriously as they threaten the safety and security of its personnel.”

“In this regard, the ADDU and its affected personnel will be taking the necessary steps and coordinating with the appropriate officials to ensure that complaints will be  filed against said public official and lawyer,” Tabora dded.-Editha Z. Caduaya/

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