17 inmates escape in Zamboanga prison

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ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines — Seventeen inmates escaped prison early morning Tuesday, April 10 at the detention center of Police Station 6 in Zamboanga City.

The jailbreakers cut the iron bars using a steel cutter and immediately fled the detention center.

Ten of the seventeen prisoners were re-arrested as of this posting. The detention center has  a total of 59 prisoners.

Photo Courtesy: Zamboanga PNP

Most of the inmates were  charged with illegal drugs.

As of 8:52 Tuesday morning, the following escapees have been re-arrested by authorities:

1. Jessrill Salazar – (surrendered by the father)
2. Oscar Baguinda-(re-arrested)
3. Roger Mark Vincent Racasa – (re-arrested)
4. Haibil Samdain -(re-arrested)
5. Chuck Lawrence Taranda San Roque –  (surrendered by father)
6. Rio de Asis-de-Bungiao – (re-arrested in Divisoria checkpoint)
7. Alfermin Saddam-(re-arrested)
8. Emmanuel Matulac- (re-arrested)
9. Junieboy Rodriguez- (re-arrested)
10. William Pajarado – (re-arrested)
1. Nazhar Hack Basaluddin
2. Arkham Ignacio
3. Adzmir Ibrahim
4. Lexandrus Manog
5. Adzri Suhuri
6. Sulaiman Sali
7. Jerrimie Maruji

Zamboanga City Mayor Bing Climaco has ordered an intensive manhunt operations. All agencies of government including the Land transportation Office (LTO), Highway Patrol Group, the Armed Force  have been tapped to help recapture the inmates.

Climaco ordered the police to arrest all the escapees in 24hours.

It was learned that the detention facility was manned by one police officer and one jailguard when the incident happened

Police Superintendent  Hajiri Langgal, station commander of Station 6 said they are trying their best to arrest the inmates..-Mirasol Monteza/RMN Zamboanga and Richard G. Falcatan



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