How Wealthy is House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez? (first of two parts)

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DAVAO CITY (May 12) — When asked how many properties House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has in Siargao, local residents will immediately point out to vast track of properties in the island. Some  would even said, Alvarez went into massive buying of properties since 2016.

The records acquired from the General Luna Municipal Assessor’s Office (MAO) records showed that there are seven properties in the name of Speaker Alvarez. Two more are under the name of a  certain Anaclito Alvarez and another two under Carlito Alvarez.

Earlier online reports speculate that Anaclito and Carlito are stepbrothers of the House Speaker.

Newsline .ph verified,   Alvarez is the only son and he has no half-brothers or step-brothers.

Back in 2013, Speaker Alvarez bought three properties –a 4,102 sqm. property in Poblacion Cinco and two properties in Barangay Malinao with an area of 9,433 sqm. and 4,256 sqm. respectively.

A report published in a digital website, Davao Breaking News alleged the following: Alvarez also recently purchased a property in Barangay Catangnan, still in General Luna town. The said property is located adjacent to the Catangnan-Cabitoonan Bridge being constructed.

In Pacifico area, Burgos town, a residential area with several huge houses inside the property is also said to be owned by Speaker Alvarez as well. The property is located along the Del Carmen-Sta.  Monica-San Isidro Road. From the highway, several huge structures inside the property can be seen. There are about five structures like cottages and gazebos including a towering water tank.

The property stretches from the road towards the beachfront. There are two layers of gates at the entrance.

Cloud9 beach resort, reportedly beside the property  owned by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.-Contributed photo

Several residents in Siargao  are opposing the operation of a discotheque allegedly owned by the aide of House Speaker Alvarez.

In a petition filed before the Office of Municipal Mayor Jaime Rusillon Monday, May 7, residents of Barangay Catangnan, where Hospot Disco is situated, claimed that the noise coming from the  loud music played by the said establishment is causing them sleepless nights.

Petitioners claimed that Hotspot disco usually operate their disco until 3 in the morning for the past several days.

The  petitioners said that they also discovered that the Hotspot operation was without any permit from the local government thus their demand for the immediate stoppage of its operation.

Hotspot is  under the name of Edwin Jubahib who is said to be Alvarez’s chief of staff.

Jubahid in an interview with admitted he owns abou 4,000 square meter property in Siargao, he claimed he bought it  in 2016.

In 2017, Speaker Alvarez bought four properties in General Luna town alone.

  1. 1. A 4,102 sqm. in Poblacion Cinco;
  2. A 4,856 sqm. in Barangay Malinao;
  3. . A 7,295 sqm. in Barangay Malinao, and;
  4.  A  1,796 sqm. in Barangay Malinao.

One particular land along Tourism Road going to Cloud 9 was said to have been bought for P120 million by Speaker Alvarez from a certain Atty. Diodero Ravelo.

One of the properties reportedly owned by House Speaker Alvarez . – Contributed Photo

The sale was completed in Cebu City. Unverified reports reports say Alvarez bought over P500-million worth of properties in Siargao and constructed a mansion in a “no-build zone”.

In his 2016 Statement of Assets Liabilities and Networth, Alvarez declared 86,498, 186.34 as his net worth with liabilities amounting to 5,314, 389.66 reflecting a total assets of P91, 812,576.00.

Speaker Alvarez granted an exclusive interview Thursday, here is the full transcript:

Newsline: Sir, is it true that you bought vast properties in Siargao and it is estimated to reach P500-million?

Speaker Alvarez : Kabalo ka ilang gi assess ug 15,000 per square meter, no? 15,000 per square meter unya daghan pa gyud sila gipang butang nga akong propedad, karon dai, dili ko..wala man ko
namaligyag property..kanang presyo depende na sa mupalit diba?

Newsline: Exactly!

Alvarez: pwede man ka maka presyo ug, pwede man ka makapresyo ug 15,000 , 30,000 o, ug way mupalit diba, fix lang ang presyo diba? kung mao ba nay value sa imong property, nganong imo nang e declare nga mao na iyang presyo? Diba? sa presyo kanang, kanag naay assess value, diba ang BIR mao nay mo declare.

The 2016 Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

Newsline: Tama

Alvarez : Kay mao nay tan-aw sa
goberno nga mao nay value sa imong property, karon kung naay buang mupalit sa mahal kaayo ah problema na na..good for you di ba?

Newsline : Pero Sir Bebot, balikon nako nga tinuod nga naa kay mga properties didto sa Siargao and those were declared in your SALN ?

Alvarez : O yes, Daghan, daghan kog properties Siargao, di man ko mu limod

Newsline:  Kanang Panabo, wala kay property diha?

Alvarez : Sa Panabo? Wala, wala koy property sa Panabo, pero ila kung tagaan akong dawaton,

Newsline : Kanang Mati naa pud ka since 1992?

Alvarez : Dili, 1983

Newsline : Ah 1983, so you are admitting nga naa kay mga properties? but that is owned by your family? sa imong ginikanan?

Alvarez: Oo, wala man ko niigon nga pobre ko.

Newsline : Unsa ba imong tan-aw ani Sir Bebot sa ilang ginahimu sa imuha? As smear campaign to oust you as the speaker, unsa man?

Alvarez: Puede Kana, mao nay isa. Ikaduha, they wanted me to come across, kana bitawng ay areglo na lang ta, di ba? i-presure ko nila ako dai, sultihan nako ka, ingna sila dili ko mahadlok  mapriso…sila hadlok sila mapreso kay di na sila kapangawat..unsa bay?wa man nay nahibaw-ang panginabuhi kon di pangawat sa goberno, ako abogado ko. Ako I can legally live a decent one, o
kana si Tony boy nahuman ba na ug college? wala..wa man…

Newsline : Nganong na ing-ana sir? gusto ba sila ug areglo sir? unsa imong tan aw?

Alvarez: Ah o ako dai wala ko areglo because kabalo ka ako lahi. Bisag, willing ko go to jail. o basta I want to prove a case, i want to prove a case, o, dako ang ilang kawat sa goberno. which in fact  tulis gani na ilahang gihimu sa goberno, dili na kawat.

Newsline : Sir, you built a mansion in a “no build zone”

Alvarez : Ipatudlo sa ila kung asa na sya nga balay, nga nag balay ko na no build zone. Ipatudlo–address tanan, karon kung akoa na, ako musulti kog tinuod, kung tinuod na ako na. Kung dili na  ako ha? Unya ilang gitudlo, ingna sila nga andam ba sila nga kasuhan?

Newsline : Meaning, they too should face the consequence? are you saying they are into witch hunting?

Alvarez : Oo, kay imong gitudlo, propedad sa laing tao unya imong gi-ingon na akoa, di ba? May sila kay land grabber man ng mga tawhana na, kadaghan nilag gipang ilog nga yuta diha sa  panabo, kadaghan reklamo diha sa mga tao nga ilang gi-ilogan ug yuta.

Alvarez even said he can face his accusers and is willing to admit properties which legally belongs to him.

Alvarez said, his property is still undeveloped. “Yuta pa lang.”-(Concluding part tomorrow) Editha Z. Caduaya/

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