Duterte castigates Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña

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DAVAO CITY (August 31) — President Rodrigo Duterte castigated Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña for reportedly spreading lies about him and manifesting that he is a protector of the illegal drugs trade.

In the middle of his speech during the 49th Mandaue City Charter Day Celebration on Thursday, Duterte said “I came here because i wanted to speak with a certain official. Kung magkita mi, tamparoson nako sya (If we see each other, I will slap him).”

A highly placed NewsLine source said, the President asked someone in Cebu to arrange for a meeting with Osmeña but the emissary failed to set a meeting between the two.

Addressing himself to Osmeña, Duterte said “Hoy Tomas!, dili na ni panahon sa Katsila ha, kanang style nimo mura lag si kinsa, mura kag kinsa manulti, Ingon pa ka nga ako protector ng shabu anak ka ng put.., ayaw pagtoong kinsa…di gani ta magkasinabot sa atong istorya tampruson takas daghan tawo, ayaw ko’g ing anaa nga imong huraw hurawon, kung manulti ka murag kisa, ayaw hilabti ang Cebu kay kaya namo ni, by what right do you have, because you are a grandson of a former President?”

(Hoy Tomas! This is no longer Spanish era, your syle, as if you are so highly, you are so arrogant, You said I am a protector of shabu – illegal drug trade, son of a … if we cannot agree during our talk, I will slap you publicly.  Don’t do that to me, do not threaten me, leave Cebu alone,this is not your turf, by what right do you have? because you are a grandson of a former president?”

“And you think kung manulti ka, mura kag si kinsa. Put*ng-*na, tamparuson gyud tika (The way you talk as if you are on top, I will really slap you),” Duterte added.

“Kahibaw ka unsay sakit nimo, Tom? Hubris, proud ba, hambugero, kanang tawo nga tan-aw niya dili siya masayop (You know what’s your problem, Tom? Hubris, you are so proud, you are igotist, You think that you could not commit a mistake),” Duterte said.

“Cebu City is not your property. It has never been your territory. You are there because you have a name,” he added.

Osmeña is a grandson of the late President Sergio Osmeña Sr., the only Cebuano who became president during the Commonwealth period from 1944 to 1946.

Duterte also made fun of Osmeña’s urinary catheter. The mayor has a drainage bag attached to his stomach and currently undergoes medical check-up annually.

Just minutes after the President finished his speech, Osmeña on a facebook post said, as a lawyer Duterte knows there are two sides to any story.

Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña.-Facebook photo

Osmeña posted this message on his facebook wall:

“The President is entitled to say whatever he wants. As a lawyer, I am sure that he knows there are two sides to any story, and not just what Dino and PRO-7 are telling him,” he said.

The first step in solving a problem is to admit there is a problem, and if the police refuse to admit there is a problem because “Cebu is still safe,” then they are only making it worse.  If I have to be the bad guy for mentioning that there is a problem, so be it. No problem, this is what I signed up for.”

Just two months ago, Cebu City’s police was awarded by Crame as the Best Performing Anti-Drug Unit in the entire Philippines. Now, after the change in leadership, people in Cebu including a 71 year old Japanese woman and a Korean national were murdered, yet “Cebu is still safe,” insists the police.

Regardless, I will continue to do my job. I was elected by the Cebuanos, and it is them to whom I am obligated. I will continue to act in the interest of my people, especially those who have no one else to stand up for them.

As always, my cell number is 0917 329 9999. As long as I still have your trust, I am here for you” 🙂


Duterte and Osmeña  used to be friend, they are “Kumpadre.”-Editha Z. Caduaya/NewsLine.ph


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