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DAVAO CITY– — Newsline. ph, the only innovation project from the Asia and Pacific for WAN-IFRA’s Strengthening Media and Society which made it to the World Media Congress marks its second year on November 8, 2018.

Last year, it won the SMS innovation project for start-up during the World Media Congress in Berlin, Germany.

The concept of Newsline was born during the WAN-IFRA conference in Kuala Lumpur on July 2017.  “We will continue providing different perspectives on issues that matter, as well us information to the reading public,”  Editha Caduaya, publisher of said.

It was granted a business permit and license to operate from the City Government of Davao and registered with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. Publisher Editha Caduaya shares Mindanao stories during the World News Congress in Portugal on June 8, 2018.

While it is relatively new in the online platform, have in its sleeve seasoned writers, editors and reporters who have covered Mindanao and wrote about Mindanao for several years.  Caduaya herself is a veteran journalist with print and broadcast experience., with a grant from WAN-IFRA and mentoring from other seasoned journalists in the world, has been able to expand and sustain the online operation of the news portal.  Correspondents from other parts in Mindanao is also a welcome addition to the platform of bringing about news that matters in Mindanao and to the world.

The website also features Bisaya kini, a news section in the website which caters to readers who prefer to have news updates in the vernacular; Where’s Our Money—a section on fiscal accountability among public servants and another section on news and updates for the Overseas Filipino Workers.

During  the last 24 months, Newsline, in collaboration with government agencies concerned with the OFW’s was able to bring home eight (8) distress overseas workers.

“We envisioned our portal to be an avenue not just for people-centered news stories but also an avenue to help Mindanaoan’s who need immediate intervention,” she described.

Our accountability and transparency section,   facilitated complaints with the Office of the Ombudsman which is still undergoing investigation-“It is our way of helping those in remote areas of Mindanao to ensure their complaints and stories are properly responded to by government, the “Where’s Our money” section  enables people to know  how their money was spent and squandered.”

As we turn two, we continue to improve to address and be more responsive to the needs of our client.

We emerge with communities it is our social responsibility, we handed school supplies and teaching materials, we are returning every readers loyalty through community services.

At Silsilah Elementary School and Extensions, Sta. Cruz, Zamboanga City

With went to as far as   Basilan, Zamboanga, North Cotabato to join school children affected by the conflict  in Mindanao- “for one to be  called a Mindanaoan he/she has to have a heart for Mindanao,” Caduaya emphasized.

Caduaya said “Our product brand is news that is true and credible, stories that affect lives and bring people to introduce change.”

“We will continue to collaborate to effect change, to satisfy our readers and our advertisers,” she added.

On November 8, NewsLine publishers joined the journalists from Arab Region and Asia for the mentoring conference and the Digital Media Awards  2018 in Hongkong.-NewsLine Staff



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