Winners in North Cotabato

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KIDAPAWAN CITY (May 17) — Most of the winners in the recent May 13, mid-term elections are from big political families dominating their respective municipalities.

Here’s the complete list of North Cotabato elected officials:

Governor: Nancy A. Catamco; Vice Governor Emmylou Taliño

Represetatives The Comelec also proclaimed the following as the Representatives: First District Joel Sacdalan; Second District Rudy Caoagdan; Third District Pingping Tejada.

The board members include:

First District :

  • Neneng Macasarte
  • Mohammad Antao
  • Roland Jungco

Second District:

  • Krista Piñol
  • Phil Malaluan
  • Onofre Respicio

Third District :

  • Ivy Dalumpines
  • Jonathan Tabara
  • Regerich Cerebo

For the mayoralty post!

  • Alamada: Mayor – Jesus Sacdalan; Vice Mayor- Leonigildo Calibara
  • Aleosan : Mayor – Vicente Sorupia; Vice Mayor -Eduardo Cabaya
  • Antipas: Mayor -Ekis Cadungon; Vice Mayor- Cristobal Cadungon
  • Arakan: Mayor -Rene Rubino; Vice mayor Anarna-Pangilinan; Jiji
  • Banisilan: Mayor- Jesus Alisasis; Vice Mayor-Julier Caranay
  • Carmen: Mayor -Moises Arendain; Vice Mayor – Rogelio Ryan Taliño
  • Kidapawan City: Mayor -Joseph Evangelista; Vice Mayor -Jivjiv Bombeo
  • Kabacan: Mayor -Jojo Guzman; Vice Mayor- Myra Dulay
  • Libungan: Mayor-Amping Cuan; Vice Mayor-Onggie Pader
  • M’lang : Mayor- Russel Abonado; Vice Mayor -Joselito Piñol
  • Magpet: Mayor- Florentino Gonzaga; Vice mayor- Rogelio Marañon
  • Makilala: Mayor- Armando Quibod; Vice Mayor -Ryan Tabanay
  • Matalam: Mayor- Oscar Valdevieso; Vice Mayor -Cheryl Catamco
  • Midsayap: Mayor-Roming Araña; Vice Mayor-Manuel Rabara
  • Pigcawayan: Mayor- Jean Dino Roqueo; Vice Mayor- Juanito Agustin
  • Pikit: Mayor-Sumulong Sultan; Vice Mayor -Muhyryn Sumulong-Casi
  • Pres. Roxas: Mayor -Juanito Mahimpit; Vice Mayor-Jaime Mahimpit
  • Tulunan: Mayor -Pip Limbungan; Vice Mayor- Mau Villamor

The proclamation of Catamco suffered so much delay as the Commission on Elections needed the complete return since the fight was too close.

Catamco is graduating from her post as the Second District Representative while Taliño is also on her last term as governor.-editha z. caduaya/

Pigcawayan: Mayor Jean Dino ROquero; Vice Mayor- Juanito Agustin

Pikit: Sumulong SUltan; Vice Mayor Muhyryn Sultan-Casi

Pres. Roxas: Mayor Jonathan Mahimpit; Vice Mayor – Jaime Mahimpus

Tulunan: Pip Limbungan; Vice Mayor- Mau Villamor

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