DavOr’s Subangan Museum Hosts Putong Hibla Kultura Filipina

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 – Celebrating another year of giving recognition to the works and products of different tribes in Mindanao, including Davao Oriental, done through the giftedness of human hands, depicting the abundance of its culture and heritage, the Province  of Davao Oriental played host again to the project “Putong, Hibla, Kultura Filipina, one of the  welcoming activities to the 52nd Founding Anniversary of Davao Oriental.

Needless to say, the works are considered masterpieces which the provincial government wants to preserve beyond ages, and beyond diversity.

For this year, a media launch and the unveiling  of the exhibit was successfully done on May 28, 2019 at the Tourism Annex, and the leading guests were  Mr. Carlo Ebeo, former National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) Commissioner and an independent curator and contractor, Mr. Leonardo Carino, another Curator, while representing the provincial government as the project proponent were Provincial Administrator Art Benjie Bulaong,  Provincial Tourism Officer Miguel Trocio, Provincial Human Resource Management Officer Rey Bicoy, and Subangan Administrator Lyrna Palma-Padohinog, with Ms. Angie David representing the Oriental Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and accredited tour guides.

Ebeo reiterated the gratitude of the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) to the province for hosting the activity for the second year.

He furthered that “putong” is to wear something of importance, of great value while “Hibla” is not only fabric but the culture that symbolizes the embodiment of the fabric.

“If you remember, last year, we exhibited different fabrics, like abaca, and your very own dagmay. For this year, we will exhibit head gears, commonly known to many as headdress. These encompass the different significance of culture,” he said.

Ebeo explained that Davao Oriental was chosen again as the venue to the project because in following the process of selection, the province has the viability, and the perfect facility – the Subangan Provincial Museum.

“Only a few local government units can afford to put up a museum with high standards like your Subangan. We do not want these historic and significant treasures to be thrown in the storage area. Suffice it to say, Davao Oriental is more capable of hosting the activity,” he added.

The provincial government also takes pride in the mounting of the exhibit. 

Provincial Administrator Art Benjie Bulaong explained that the project is a clear manifestation that the provincial government is determined to preserve the culture and heritage of the province.

“It’s really a continuing effort. This is very important because of the headgears, though simple and may not look with high value, but they form part of what Davao Oriental is today and will be tomorrow. These artifacts define and identify our roots. We must respect them as part of our development,” he furthered.

With the ultimate goal to have a wider awareness of the need to preserve and conserve our identity, the plan now is to integrate culture and heritage to the curriculum.

Ebeo highly considered the Putong Hibla Kultura Filipina as tools to help the Department of Education in polishing more the cognizance to the culture and heritage, particularly in the province of Davao Oriental.

One way to prepare them is through workshops, where the teachers will be taught how to integrate value strengthening and heritage preservation in their lesson.

Provincial Tourism Officer Miguel Trocio is fully convinced that there is a living in culture tourism, as pursued aggressively now by the province.

“Yes, there is a living in it if our tribes will put their heart and soul in conceptualizing development, if they boast of their being a Mandaya, or whatever tribe they belong,” he uttered and hurled as a challenge

Supporting this notion, the Curator and former Commissioner advised the public to create a need to indigenous products, so the urge to provide the demand will also stay alive which will redound to a vibrant local economy.

As Davao Oriental is endowed with the beauty and bounty of its culture and heritage,  the locals  are  now exuding with optimism that such noble thrust will spur more and more development of the province, development transcending whatever differences and diversities to emerge triumphantly and stay consistent to its accolade of being a champion province, this time in triggering very desirable transformation through love and protection of culture and heritage. By Neella Duallo(PR)

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