Duterte wants government agencies to go digital to curb corruption

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DAVAO CITY (July 24)— President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday asked all government agencies to do business via the digital way, human interaction and to get rid of corruption.

In his speech during the 4th State of the National Address (SONA) Duterte said corruption starts when client try to negotiate for a legal government transaction which needs urgent action or try to negotiate for a violation. The act, he said invites corruption.

Here is the full speech of the President on how to do it:

“I reiterate my government — my directive to the government and instrumentalities, including the LGUs and the government corporations: simplify. May I… Nandito ba kayo? Simplify. Just like the others. You can do it electronically. You do not have to go to the office.

I’ve been asking that from you since three years ago. ‘Pag hindi pa ninyo nagawa ‘yan ngayon, papatayin ko talaga kayo. [applause]Nabibwisit na…

Simplify and make your services responsive to — client-friendly. Your client is the Filipino, our employer — from where the money in our pockets come from, from our salaries.

Thanks to Executive Secretary Medialdea, we have increased the number of lines [for] Hotline 8888 to make it more responsive to the public. Our ultimate goal is for our people to be freed from using these hotlines because government service and response have markedly improved.

Again, I will… Ang problema kasi ng Fili — I’m addressing now to the Filipino. Kayo rin kasi. Sinasabi ko na sa inyo, be assertive. At ‘pag kayo o ikaw hiningian more than the required payment by government at humingi pa sa iyo, I’ve been telling you mag-eskandalo kayo sa opisina. Make a scene. Sampalin mo ‘yang i** na ‘yan. Kasi aabot rin sa akin ‘yan. [applause]

And I have done that. Ako mag-pranka ako sa inyo, ako lang ang Presidente na hanggang ngayon nagbubugbog talaga ng tao, diyan sa loob ng Malacañan.

Pinapakain ko ng pera ‘yang mga y*** na ‘yan. Eh galit na ako sa inyo eh. Kindly be assertive. Pagka hiningian ka, sabihin mo, i** mo. “Sabi ni Duterte, the President told us, that if you extort money from me, I will slap you.”

At sampalin talaga ninyo. Hindi na bale magkaaway. I will defend you. At kung maari and this is what I’ve been doing all along. There’s an [8888]. Be sure that it is true. Though you are not liable for libel pero huwag naman ‘yang makasakit ka ng kapwa-tao na wala namang kasalanan. [8888], then place “To President Duterte, re: abuses by the director asking for money.” Text mo, lalabas ‘yan diyan. And that is for the public to view.

At kung totoo, Malacañan, I said, is open 24 hours — 24 hours basta corruption. And that is why that fiasco about the frigate ni Trillanes was because ‘yung Koreano na napagbili ng barko, who sold the ship to the Philippine government, wala pa hong delivery. And it was there already ready.

And that is why that Korean went to Malacañan just to complain why is it that there is no request for delivery. So I told Bong, “Bong, ayusin mo ‘yan.” He went to Lorenzana and Lorenzana nagsulat siya. May nakakuha because in Malacañan, every administration may tao ‘yan diyan. Every administration leaves some of the men because they are appointed on plantilla position.

Eh kinuha nila then it was brought here and before the Congress. And so Bong was called to testify. And he said, he was assured it will be a closed-door. I told Bong, “No, ask for an open and public hearing.”

Sabi ko, “Sabihin mo sa lahat — wala — you have nothing. Just say the truth.” Sabi ko, pagkatapos niya testify, sabi ko, “Bong, maniwala ka hindi, you will be a senator.” [applause] Totoo ‘yan. That is the story of how convoluted politics and corruption here in our country works.”

Though the plan is laudable, but many areas in the country and still not connected to the internet and if there is one– signal is a challenge.-ezc/NewsLine.ph

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