500 breastfeeding moms gather to celebrate their month

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DAVAO CITY — Hundreds of breastfeeding mothers here gathered at the Almendras Gym to celebrate the Breastfeeding Awareness Month. 

Among the proud participants was Ara Casas-Tumuran, who used to be a television reported, now, a newspaper columnist who advocates breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle for mother and child.

Tumuran’s daughter Yana is a picture of a healthy and well nourished child.

Breastfeeding advocate Ara Casas-Tamuran and her daughter Yana (first row right) shared her photo during the recent Hakab event.

Experts attest, no other milk or food than can substitute to breastmilk as it contains everything the baby needs for the first six months of life, as it provides ideal nutrition for babies..

Tumuran recalled, after her maternity leave “I worked for nine months with my previous employer. I did not give up breastfeeding. I brought my breast pumps at news coverages so I can express breast milk for Yanna.”

But motherhood became her priority “One of the reasons why I resigned was to focus on taking care of my daughter. Breastfeeding has given me a different kind of fulfillment as a woman.”

Working and breastfeeding Yana was not easy for Tumuran, she has to express milk while waiting for the interview but she was proud telling colleagues “it’s mommy time.”

She explained, the old belief that breastmilk can be spoiled “breastmilk can never be a spoiled milk if expressed breast milk is properly handled.”

Tumuran revealed, her recent visit to Yana’s pediatrician was the revelation of her effort, the physician told her “Breastfeeding has really contributed to Yanna’s strong immune system. Looking at Yana’s medical records, she found out that she was never given any antibiotic, she gets well after two to three days of fever. “

The physician explained “She has strong immune system compared to other child who were given processed milk. As parents, we feel that the sacrifice is giving our daughter the best we can. “Biboy (her husband) and I feel that breastfeeding is the best gift we are providing Yana.”

Several years back, Hakab only had a handful participants, but this year’s activity has shown the growing number of breastfeeding mothers.

The Department of Health and health experts provided the participants with information on Lip and Tongue Tie, Facts and Myths about Breastfeeding, Milk Code and other relevant topics. 

Breastfeeding mothers inside Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) . The hospital does not allow mother to use processed milk for their newborn child.-photo courtesy: Ara Casas-Tumuran

Dr. Annabelle Yumang, Regional Director applauded the organizers , Breastfeeding Pinays, who spearheaded the activity. 

She challenged the Breastfeeding Advocates and the rest of the participants to re-eatablish Breastfeeding in the whole region as the cultural norm, thereby making it the natural choice of every expecting mother. 

In her message, Yumang emphasized “Ipa trending nato ang Breastfeeding, walay dapat ika-ulaw sa pagpasuso. Sabay-sabay nato isulti, ATONG IPA-USO ANG PAGPA-SUSO!”

Like the hundreds of moms who joined the activity, Tumuran said “Breastfeeding do not only contribute to family bonding but it promotes a healthy living.”-Editha Z. Caduaya/NewsLine.ph

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