AFP identifies 20 killed in crashed C-130, victims to receive financial assistance

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DAVAO CITY — The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Friday positively identified another cadaver from the crashed C-130 aircraft making the total count of recognized bodies to 20.

The body was of Airman First Class Fortunate Regidor of the Philippine Air Force which is now being prepared for air transport.

The AFP previously released the names of 19 of its members who perished in the crashed C-130 aircraft on July 4:

  1. Maj Emmanuel V Makalintal PAF
  2. Maj Michael Vincent L Benolerao PAF
  3. 1Lt Karl Joseph T Hintay PAF
  4. TSg Mark Anthony A Agana PAF
  5. TSg Donald P Badoy PAF
  6. SSg Jan Neil Y Macapaz PAF
  7. SSg Michael P Bulalaque PAF
  8. Sgt Jack P Navarro PAF
  9. Cpt Nigello R Emeterio MC
  10. 1Lt Sheena Alexandrea F Tato NC
  11. Sgt Butch D Maestro PA
  12. Pfc Christopher A Rollon PA
  13. Pfc Felixzalday M Provido PA
  14. Pvt Raymar C Carmona PA
  15. Pvt Vic A Monera PA
  16. Pvt Mark Nash P Lumanta PA
  17. Pvt Jomar A Gabas PA
  18. Pvt Marcelino H Alquisar PA
  19. Pvt Mel Mark L Angana PA

There remain 29 bodies undergoing examination and preservation in different facilities in Zamboanga City:

  1. TSg Nelson B Hadjiri PA
  2. TSg Salaji J Abdurahman PA
  3. Cpl Alhamin U Salahuddin PA
  4. Cpl Dexter E Estrada PA
  5. PFC Keth Kane S Alegarme PA
  6. Sgt Jelson J Sadjail PA
  7. Cpl Gulam H Ismael PA
  8. Cpl Philip Dante T Camilosa PA
  9. Pvt Joey T Loterte PA
  10. Pvt Erwin M Canton PA
  11. Pvt Mar Jhun T Capagngan PA
  12. Cpl Reynel A Matundin PA
  13. Pvt Kevin L Damole PA
  14. PFC Nazer S Albaracin PA
  15. Pvt Michael C Dalore PA
  16. Cpl Jay-ar V Obenita PA
  17. Cpl Jemmer B Mondido PA
  18. PFC Alzid S Hawrani PA
  19. Pvt Carlos Jhun C Pargua Jr PA
  20. Pvt Ian R Arsuelo PA
  21. Cpl Jerome M Balivado PA
  22. PFC Benjie S Malanog PA
  23. PFC Lester Al T Lagrada PA
  24. Pvt Mansueto B Lingatong III PA
  25. PFC Bensheen V Sabaduquia PA
  26. PFC Carlos D Dapanas Jr PA
  27. PFC Marchi E Bonzales PA
  28. Pvt Archie S Barba PA
  29. A2C Glen Mar G Biscocho PAF

The 47 injured military personnel are meanwhile being treated in Camp Teodulfo Bautista Station Hospital in Sulu, Zamboanga City Medical Center, Ciudad Medical Center, Doctors Hospital, Camp Navarro General Hospital, and West Metro Hospital in Zamboanga City:

  1. Cpl Kristopher E Baobao PA
  2. Pfc Ludovico D Pastera Jr PA
  3. Pvt Jesfel D Mequiabas PA
  4. Pvt Vincent Paul Bandalan PA
  5. Pvt Geive L Hensis PA
  6. SSg Arnulfo A Sarong PA
  7. Cpl Michael N Sagge PA
  8. Pvt Christian C Martorillas PA
  9. Pfc Attrajie H Samindih PA
  10. Pvt Alfran B Buna PA
  11. Pvt Jhon Klier D Gaid PA
  12. Cpl Jesee Lord B Galo PA
  13. Sgt James Miguel B Ybanez PA
  14. Pvt Jeason Mark C Balondo PA
  15. Pvt Kenan T Villanosa PA
  16. Pvt Jeriel O Araneta PA
  17. Ssg Jemson S Jadjuli PA
  18. Pvt Christian S Banug PA
  19. Pvt Olan Marco W Acolentava PA
  20. Cpl Romel Q Evangelio PA
  21. Pvt Juarobenger I Impuesto PA
  22. Pvt Chris John L Numeron PA
  23. Pvt Jonel B Lagulay PA
  24. Pvt Renato B Tejares PA
  25. Pvt Rodiel S Morales PA
  26. Pfc Reymark M Bulat-Ag PA
  27. Pvt Roejader D Culata PA
  28. Pvt Resque L Mambabao PA
  29. Sgt Nasir I Abduhassan PA
  30. Pfc Ganney O Ligayan PA
  31. Sgt Abud H Asmawil PA
  32. Pvt Jerson D Peloton PA
  33. Pvt Brayan D Marfe PA
  34. Pvt Christian Joshua Jay Pacal PA
  35. Pvt Efren S Untoc PA
  36. Pvt Ryan C Tagubar PA
  37. Pvt Jeffrey D Ganzan PA
  38. Pvt Stephen B Maglacion PA
  39. Pvt Marck Francis I Carnaje PA
  40. Pfc Nathaniel P Bongcayao PA
  41. Pvt Cyrille Jhon G De Castro PA
  42. Pvt Troy C Fernandez PA
  43. Sgt Al-Ameen M Sahibuddin PA
  44. Pvt Benjamin M Obod Jr PA
  45. Sgt Bensaudi B Asanulla PA
  46. Cpl Nasser M Baguinda PA
  47. Pfc Al-Sharif A Atiulla PA

Those who were killed in action will receive a Command Special Financial Assistance which will include the sum of their base pay, hazard pay and bonuses; a funeral service support amounting to PhP80,000; and monthly pension based on rank and length of service.

Their beneficiaries will also receive support under the Office of the President’s Comprehensive Social Benefits Program which include Special Financial Assistance worth PhP500,000; and shelter, health, education and employment assistance.

“No amount can ever replace the lives of our brave comrades who paid the ultimate sacrifice in line of their duty to protect our people and the state. Extending financial assistance to their families and loved ones is the least that we can do for the invaluable services they have rendered to our country,” AFP Chief of Staff General Sobejana said.

Wounded in action personnel on the other hand will receive full reimbursement of hospitalization expenses, and special financial assistance from the Office of the President worth PhP250,000 for major injury and PhP100,000 for minor injury.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefits Association, Inc. gave PhP12,000 each to the wounded personnel while cash advance release are being processed for those who were killed.

Each of the wounded will also receive PhP10,000 as approved by Philippine Army Commander Major General Andres Centino, and PhP15,000 from the 11th Infantry Division.

Former Governor and now Sulu Vice Governor Abdusakur Mahail Tan also pledged PhP15,000 each for the wounded and PhP30,000 for the families of the soldiers killed in action.

“The AFP honors our members who perished in the ill-fated C-130 crash in Sulu. Their memories will live on not only in their families but throughout the military organization who continues to risk everything to achieve just and lasting peace for our nation,” General Sobejana said.-PR

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