Duterte to ‘tambays’ : Don’t loiter

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DAVAO CITY (June 21) —  “It’s discipline” says President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Wednesday as he emphasized ‘Istambays’ will not be arrested but he said they should not loiter around.

In many urban areas, ‘Istambays’ stay along alleys and narrow streets until  wee hours, others having drinking spree while some just spend time talking, a thing which makes people uncomfortable.

In his speech in Iloilo Wednesday, Duterte stressed “Wala namang inaaresto (No one is being arrested). I just don’t want you using the streets to loiter.”

He made clear to his  orders “Yung utos ko sa pulis na ‘yung mga tambay. Sundin lang ninyo ‘yung utos ko.”

Duterte cited his experience  while serving as mayor in Davao City “You know, Davao province used to be one huge territory. And you can see what a little discipline can do to a place.”

He said all Filipinos would live a “comfortable” life if everyone followed orders.

“Look at Davao. Kung masunod ko lang ‘yung Davao sa lahat, okay na. Komportable na tayo (If I can replicate what I did in Davao in the entire country, it will be okay. We’ll be comfortable),” Duterte said.

“I mean that’s the kind of life that I want every Filipino. You can walk around, park or rural road,” he added.

But, for criminals,  Duterte warned  “Huwag kayong magpakita diyan kasi kayo ang walang katwiran na magpasyal-pasyal kasi ‘pag makita kita, madampot pa kita. Iyon na ‘yung last pasyal mo.”

In Davao City,  newly elected Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation in Davao City has voiced support to the implementation of the Davao City Police’s ‘Oplan Sita’ to rid the streets of “tambays” or idlers.

Davao City SK federation public relations officer  Paolo Dominic Rodriguez said the operation will help the youth not to engage in any illegal activity.

Rodriguez admitted that most of the ‘tambays’ on the streets are young people aged 15 to 30 years old. This activity may result in their involvement in illegal and disturbing activities such as riots.

The Davao City Police Office, is implementing Oplan Sita,  to thwart criminal activities, especially at night.

Rodriguez said the youth federation will help in the implementation of the order by monitoring the youth in the villages.

It is a reality,  young people in the village almost know each other,  it is easier for them to collaborate and work for common good in their respective areas, with their SK leaders.

Diego, 17, a school dropout, who considers himself as among the ‘Istambay sa kanto’ in Talomo district here,  said his group is  composed of school dropouts, who  usually gather on a Saturday night “just to be with friends, update ourselves of the week’s events over a bottle of beer.”

When asked to comment  about the Oplan Sita, he quickly answered “Tapos na ang maliligayang araw sa kanto.”

But he said not all tambays are  drug users nor criminals, “Habit lang jud ng mag-tambay, ana lang (It is just a habit to stay at the corner among friends, just that).”

DCPO spokesperson Senior Insp. Maria Teresita Gaspan said the city police will implement the ordinances in the city such as the Sobriety Ordinance and Curfew on Minors in their ‘Oplan Sita’ operations.-Jiann A. padillo/NewsLine.ph

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