Duterte’s satisfaction rating highest since 1989

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DAVAO CITY (May 5) — The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has achieved a record-high +72 net satisfaction rating, the highest satisfaction rating in the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey since the poll on national administration was conducted in 1989.

The 2019 First Quarter Social Weather Survey conducted from March 28 to 31 found 81% of adult Filipinos satisfied, 10% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 9% dissatisfied with the general performance of the national government, for an “excellent” net rating of +72, SWS said in a statement.

The survey result also showed both the rich and the low-income Filipinos were happier with Duterte’s performance in March.

Among the richest Filipinos, class ABC, Duterte scored his highest net satisfaction rating among that class: +69 (very good).

The survey also showed the administration’s overall rating is six points higher against the very good +66 (76% satisfied, 9% dissatisfied) in December 2018.

Compared to the third year satisfaction rating of the administration of former President Benigno Aquino III, which reflected +53 points or “very good” rating.

Below are the net satisfaction ratings on the previous administrations’ general performance from highest to lowest:

  • Helping the poor: +72
  • Reconstructing Marawi City: +58
  • Fighting terrorism: +58
  • Fighting crimes: +48
  • Reconciling with communist rebels: +45
  • Reconciling with Muslim rebels: +44
  • Eradicating graft and corruption: +41
  • Foreign relations: +41
  • Defending Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippines Sea: +40 Ensuring that no family will ever be hungry: +37
  • Fighting inflation: +22
The SWS survey table

On the other hand, it got the “moderate” score on fighting inflation with +22 points.

The SWS attributed the rise in the present administration’s overall net satisfaction rating with the increases in all areas, rising from very good to excellent in the Visayas, up by 11 points from +63 in December 2018 to +74 in March 2019.

In Mindanao, it stayed excellent, up by six points from +75 in December to +81 in March.

and “very good” in Balance Luzon, up by three points from +65 in December to +68 in March.

The same classification of “very good” was received in Metro Manila, which is up by five points from +60 in December to +65 in March.

Below is the comparative satisfaction rating of the previous administrations.

Courtesy : SWS

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo in a statement said the recent survey result is a ‘hard slap’ to his critics.

“Our countrymen’s towering satisfaction in favor of our hardships and attainments is a hard slap on the face of the opposition and our detractors who, from day one, never gave the leadership of President Duterte a chance to show them his competence in administering the nation’s affairs,” Panelo added.-ezc/NewsLine.ph

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