Duterte asks support in cleansing government

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DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte has asked the newly appointed government officials on Monday, to help him eliminate corruption in the bureaucracy, which he said is the major stumbling block for the country’s progress along with the proliferation of illegal drugs and lack of law and order.

In the event held in Malacañan Palace, President Duterte said he is confident that the newly designated officials will serve with sincere commitment to attain positive change in the government.

Congratulating the new officials, he reminded them that they are called to perform their duties with the highest degree of moral integrity.

“The values of transparency, accountability, and efficiency are pillars that will continue to guide us in our quest for good governance across all levels of government,” President Duterte said.

The President then rallied for their support in his fight against corruption to uphold an untainted administration that puts high regard on people’s welfare.

“The advancement of their lives remains the most important indicator of our overall progress as a nation,” he said. “I trust that you will continue to put the people’s common good over our own personal interests and use your position to rally behind every Filipino’s aspiration for a better life.”

He also called for a reliable public service by preserving the people’s faith and trust in government.

“Rest assured that I am with you in your shared quest for conscientious and responsive government. We will continue working together in order to realize our goal to eliminate the ills that weaken social institutions, especially as we now move into the second half of my term,” he said.

At the same time, the President expects the new government officials to work tirelessly in carrying out effective programs and initiatives to achieve lasting reforms in the bureaucracy.

Solution to water crisis

Meanwhile, President Duterte said in an interview Monday that he might use extraordinary powers to address the imminent water crisis in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

He said he may resort to expropriation or imposition of outright police power of the state to address the looming water crisis in Metro Manila.

Local governments, opposed to dam construction, should put safeguards to ensure sufficient water supply, the President said.

“But if the safeguards are there tapos between your concerns and the crisis that you are trying to avoid, I will use the extraordinary powers of the presidency.”

The President said he could not just allow the people to go without water even for drinking.

But President Duterte said he would let government officials handle the issue of water supply in the country, assuring the public that he has designated enough men of equal talent to deal with the problem.

Recently, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) reported that the water level in Angat Dam continues to recede to 186.23 meters, a figure below the normal high level of 210 meters.

There are already some water disruptions in Metro Manila as concessionaires work to ensure continuous water supply through summer and the rest of next year.

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