RP-RI conference strengthens 1975 border agreement

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DAVAO CITY — The  38th Republic of the Philippines – Republic of Indonesia Border Committee Chairmen recently strengthened the 1975 agreement aimed at protecting both countries against transnational crimes and human trafficking,  highlighting   border security measures in  conference held  at the Waterfront Insular Hotel here.

The  Philippine Government through the Eastern Mindanao Command Armed Forces of the Philippines was represented by  Major General  Felimon C. Santos  and RADM Herru Kusmato,  Commander of  Second Fleet Command/Chairman of RIBC, representing the Republic of Indonesia.

The activity aims to strengthen the diplomatic relations of the two countries relative to the border crossing to further establish the system of border crossing control by both Filipino and Indonesian citizens.

Further, the conference was held to review and strengthen the existing measures to ensure the safe passage of the respective nationals of both countries, to include the protection of fisher folks in the border areas en route to the fishing grounds at high seas.  Both Committees deliberated on matters of common concern and interest to both countries.

For purposes of this Agreement, the Border Areas are:

  • Philippines—
  • Balut Island, Saranggani
  • Cape San Agustin, Davao Oriental and;
  • Bonggao, Tawi-tawi


1. Taland-Sangi Island Group

2. Miangas Island Group

3. Kawio Island Group

4. Nunukan Island

Considering the porous shorelines of the archipelagic domains, both Committees also looked into the continuous operationalization of the Border Crossing Stations (BCS) situated at common border areas in order to provide a systematic scheme in closely monitoring the entry and exit of nationals in both countries.

Santos stressed that the intent of both Committees to jumpstart the review of the 1975 Border Patrol and Border Crossing Agreements is to seek to recommend amendments of its provisions to be attuned to the prevailing situation in maritime security and terrorism in both countries.-EZC/

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