When caroling is no longer essential for Christmas

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“Merry Christ mas to you, Merry Christmas to you…Ayooo!”

Those were the voices right at our doorstep, making us happy as during the yuletide season reminds the Christian world of Christ birth.

Growing up with toddles and adults singing Christmas song at your doorstep always remind us that Christmas is kids and those once a kid.

But the global health crisis has again taken another toll here in my city- caroling is prohibited in our city- this is aimed at protecting everyone from the killer virus which cause joblessness, displacement and even death.

Killing the street spirit of Christmas season is hard for us but it gives meaning to the campaign against the killer virus.

Earlier on, church prohibited the community singing as a droplet can be a killed dose, since Coronavirus pandemic is but a matter of drop spread in the air which could result to death.

No less than Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio in a radio interview with dcDR emphasized why she prohibited the activity “Definitely dili [allowed] because singing is one of the human activities nga mas worse pa sa talking (Definitely not [allowed] because singing is one of the human activities that are worse than talking).”

Health experts will stand with her, that by one singing can possibly transmit droplets from one person to another.

No less than the World Health Organization (WHO) which said that the virus can spread from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they sing, cough, sneeze, speak or breathe heavily.

Given the order, one is left celebrating Christmas at home with videoke, which is also prohibited from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon except during regular and special holidays.

The prohibition is due to the fact that students are either doing their school assignments; having online classes while employees are on work from home- This is the new normal world reality.

The order is tall, whoooo— seems to one who does not understand that  IT’S CHRISTMAS no more.

But wait, all these are aimed at protecting everyone from illness and death which coronavirus brings.

This is also reminding us that we need to protect ourselves and our families at all times.

While the government prohibits caroling let us all remember—no one sing a song when Christ was born in a manger.

There was only faith, love & peace.

Without caroling we have more time of silence to think about the importance of having peace in our lives.

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