2.5-hour travel  Bukidnon-Davao trip now  possible

Motorist travelling to Davao-Bukidnon route vice versa can now use the newly opened road via the   scenic view of Pantaron Range in San Fernando bukidnon.

Last week personnel from Mindanao Development  Authority (MINDA) tried the exciting road   from Valencia, Bukidnon traversing the Valencia-Talaingod-Panabo Highway.

Ses Desesto of Minda described the adventure as “very exciting… It took us 2 1/2 hours (only) land travel from Valencia, Bukidnon to Tagum, Davao del Norte.”

The Davao-Bukidnon travel usually took eight long land travel but the newly opened route will mean less travel time.

Though a portion is still being developed, the road is generally passable for all types of vehicles.