The 45 Knights of Marawi

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DAVAO CITY, Philippines—The Philippine government lost 42 soldiers and three policemen in the ongoing fight between the government forces and the ISIS-backed Maute group in Marawi City.

The list of the casualties was released by the Presidential Communications Operations Office Friday, June 9, 2017.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he mourns for the death of his men but promised that the government will provide financial and educational support for their bereaved families and children.

Speaking before the troops in 603rd Brigade, 6th Infantry Division (6ID) of the Philippine Army (PA), Camp Iranun at Barangay Pigcalagan in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao on June 9, Friday , Duterte said “I’m very sad to have lost several of my soldiers and policemen. I feel your grief.”

The Commander-in-chief added “It is my honor to express my deepest admiration and gratitude for your fallen comrades who put themselves on the line to keep our country safe and strong.”

“Your valiant efforts will not go unnoticed. The country and people are forever grateful to our brave soldiers,” Duterte.

“They offered their lives for people of Marawi to live,
They left their families and loved one’s ,
for the love of country
to save the republic from the enemy.
They are gone now,
but Filipino people will forever remember …

The names of the Knights of Marawi:

2 1Lt John Carl C Morales (Inf) PA
4. 2Lt Mcglenn Z Abuyabor (Inf) PA
5. TSg Jessie B Santos (Cav) PA
6. TSg Aldrin Dinglasan PN (M)
7. SSg Julhabir J Dakkay (Inf) PA
8. SSg Joseph P Villanueva (Inf) PA
9. Sgt Marlon V Baldovino (Cav) PA
10. Sgt Eric Jason J Coros (Inf) PA
11. Sgt Asah A Sakiran (Infantry) PA
12. Sgt Throlen R Lago (Inf) PA
13. Sgt Rudy A Espelimburgo PN (M)
14. Cpl Benito G Serrano (Inf) PA
15. Cpl Elmer M Anno (Inf) PA
16. Cpl Tahiruddin K Salahuddin (Inf) PA
17. Cpl Philip G Apao (Inf) PA
18. Cpl Aliyasir I Abdulla (Inf) PA
19. Cpl Ricky A Asan (Inf) PA
20. Cpl Christopher C Dela Cruz (Inf) PA
21. Cpl Nilo R Donato Jr (Inf) PA
22. Cpl Reymund A Paracuelles (CE) PA
23. Cpl Johva M Aquino (Inf) PA
24. Pfc Eldon C Rogador (Inf) PA
25. Pfc William B Tuanda Jr (Inf) PA
26. Pfc Bermilou P Pardillo (Inf) PA
27. Pfc Dhan Ryan A Bayot (Inf) PA
28. Pfc Angelo A Estores Jr (Inf) PA
29. Pfc Dondee D Orboda (Inf) PA
30. Pfc Elmer D Bueno (Inf) PA
31. Pfc Melvin S Raton (Inf) PA
32. Pfc Edmond D Principe (Inf) PA
33. Pfc Anthony C Capulot (Inf) PA
34. Pfc Kevin E Sisiban (Inf) PA
35. Pfc Arhanie O Ampalo (Inf) PA
36. Pvt Jessrael O Butalina (Inf) PA
37. Pfc Reymar E Carloto (Inf) PA
38. Pfc Rowee M Montalban (Inf) PA
39. Pvt Marlo P Rota (Inf) PA
40. Pvt Junie Berth R Purlas (Inf) PA
41. Pvt Roel M Cabonita (Inf) PA
42. Pvt Ramon L Montejo (Inf) PA
43. Pvt Saed Abdul Rahman H Palada (Inf) PA
44. Pvt Mark Daryl A Parba (Cav) PA

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