How Wealthy is House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez (Part 2)

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DAVAO CITY (May 14) —- House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez admitted his properties in Siargao, Surigao del Norte and in Mati Davao Oriental, saying he reflected all these in his Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

However, he denied having a P500-million worth of properties in Siargao alone.

Critics of Alvarez claimed, he has been strengthening his political bailiwick in Davao del Norte.

He was even accused of giving sacks of rice and money to ensure that his candidates for the barangay elections will surely win.

But Alvarez said the rice is only part of the regular allocation for his district. Technically, rice distribution is not part of the official work of any Congressional office.

In his 2016 Statement of Assets Liabilities and Networth, Alvarez declared 86,498, 186.34 as his net worth with liabilities amounting to 5,314, 389.66, reflecting a total assets of P91, 812,576.00.

If reports are to be believed, Alvarez will run short of his assets as against the properties he owns.

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On his undeclared properties in Siargao Island, Alvarez said all his properties are declared in his SALN and all of these have yet to be developed. “Yuta pa na, wala pa nay structures.”

This belies photos circulating online on his alleged mansion in Siargao. He denied that he was into massive property buying in Siargao and warned his critics of an impending case, should they continue to malign his name.

One of the properties of Alvarez in Siargao.

Alvarez granted a phone interview last Thursday. Here is the transcript of the interview:

Newsline : Sir Bebot, You built a house, mansion sa No Build zone sa Siargao

Alvarez: Ipatudlo sa ila kung asa na sya nga balay, nga nag balay ko na no build zone, Ipatudlo, Address tanan, karon kung akoa na, ako musulti kog tinuod, kung tinuod na ako na

Newsline: Oo, I see

Alvarez : Kung dili na ako ha? Unya ilang gitudlo, ingna sila nga andam ba sila nga kasuhan?

Newsline: They should also face the consequence, no? murag witch hunting man na. Unsa imong tan-aw?

Alvarez : Oo, kay imong gitudlo, propedad sa laing tao, unya imong gi-ingon na akoa, di ba? May sila kay land grabber man ng mga tawhana na, kadaghan nilag gipang ilog nga yuta diha sa Panabo.

Newsline : You mean, who?

Alvarez : Si Tony Boy, kadaghan reklamo diha sa mga tao nga ilang gi-ilogan ug yuta

Newsline : Nganong nag crop up ni na mga issue Sir Bebot? Unsa ni?

Alvarez : Di, pagdaut lagi na sa ako, they try to pull me down, wa may laing rason ana..trying to pull me down, in the hope nga mo surrender ko nga mag-areglo na lang mi. I-drop nako ang mga kaso which I will not do. Dili nako, dili ko makig- areglo sa ila.

Newsline : What if, kung moingon si President Digong sir, nga pag-amigo namo?

Alvarez : They committed a crime against …the government

Newsline: Kung ana si President Digong pag amigo namo?

Alvarez : Wala may problema anang amigo. Anytime.. wa koy problema ana, mag amigo ta, pero ang imong atraso sa goberno, kinahanglan you have to face the consequences, you committed a crime against the government, it is no longer my case. It is the case of the people of the Philippines. It is beyond my reach. Kung amigo lang, kasayon ana..kung amigo lang.

Newsline : Sir, nag massive vote buying ka daw sa Davao del Norte and you distributed hauls of rice?

Alvarez : Ingna sila nga wala gani ko diha sa Pilipinas ngano, nanghilabot nako, nag vote buying nako diha?

Newsline : Maybe you are so popular?

Alvarez : (laughing)

Newsline : Thank you so much sir. Enjoy your vacation

Alvarez said he has nothing to hide as everything is properly reflected in his Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), but he did not mentioned how many properties he bought in Siargao.

Meanwhile, Edwin Jubahib, Alvarez’ Congressional Chief of Staff said he is planning to improve the Discohouse he operates in Siargao after residents filed a petition against it for causing loud sound.

“About sa complaint sa hotspot, akoa himuan ug paagi na mahimo ng soundproof,” Jubahib said. He did not give any comment on why he failed to secure business permit on the said establishment.

In all his government dealings, Alvarez said he has been very transparent and accountable in his acts.

But  in Siargao, prices of properties continue to soar, just like the figures and photos  about the Alvarez property, which says, otherwise.

After all,  the  government’s valuation of properties has yet to be updated and the real prices on the ground is reflecting a figure far above the government’s fair market value.-Editha Z. Caduaya/

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