Priest who sells fish for church gets netizens support

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DAVAO CITY, Philippines —Fr. Joel Silagpo, parish priest of San Antonio de Padua in Lamitan City, Basilan was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the netizens who read his story at

“I was so amazed how God responded to our call,, became an instrument, I cannot believe, even my elementary and high school classmates are contacting me how they can help,” Fr. Silagpo said.

“Salamat sa Ginoo nga gihikap niya ang kasing kasing sa nagbasa sa story, basin mao ni paagi sa Dios nga mahuman among simbahan (I thank God for touching the heart of the  readers, maybe this is His way to finish our church).

Newsline  published the story of Fr. Silagpo Saturday night and from then the story was shared a thousand times and registered a 29,000 likes.

Fr. Silagpo sells fish to help finish the construction of his church. Should you wish to help Fr. Silagpo, here is how you can deposit your donation to Philippine National Bank of Basilan under the account #53-493-680002-8, San Antonio de Padua parish funds for construction.”

For those who want to send email to Fr. Silago:

You can also send support through money remittance center, Fr. Silagpo said your contribution will be properly reported and same will be posted in their bulletin board.


Here are some of the netizens comments and commitments to Fr. Silagpo:

Arturo Butalid ·
Sergio Osmena Sr. High School

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Raymond Lintag ·
Chief Agrarian Reform Program Officer at Department of Agrarian Reform

Fr Silagpo, you are an inspiration to both Christians and Muslims. You are not just building a Church. You are advocating PEACE among our people. May God bless your cause.
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Rosalina Iglesias
God bless you Father,we are praying for you….
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Benjamin Arkangel ·
Aircraft mechanic… at Philippines Airlines
Im a priest and I am humbled by Fr Joel’s hard work to build the church for his community. Thanks father.
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Renato Togon ·
Works at La Société des Missions Etrangères
I am also a missionary Priest from mindanao I am working in Africa, Kenya together with the masai tribe. I was moved by the initiative of this priest I assure you my prayer brother priest. I have Facebook just type Renato Togon and you can see the link of what this priest is doing. Pray for us missionaries. Godbless you all!

Sofia DIEZ ·
Works at Societé des Missions Étrangères de Québec

Father Silagpo i salut you and you are really doing a great work of God’s Kingdom. How i wish to see more priest doing great works for the people of God like you are doing. I admire you most is your friendship with other people seeing God in them with other believers. SO nice to read your life testimony. God will bless you more and your community. Blessings will come..
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Rolito G Sabulao ·
Mondriaan Aura College, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Paki post po ng bank account baka may gusto pong tumulong.

Socoro R. Magramo
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Lynne Rlene
Proud of you father… May God bless and showers more blessings to complete the church…
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Rebecca Mangubat Binungcal ·
Proprietress at Three Brothers Garden
Your an inspiration father,may the Lord bless you always
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Teresita Mondejar ·
Father Saturnino Urios University
May the good Lord bless you and your noble deed Fr. You are worth emulating.
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Marisol Macario Bilog ·
Adventist University of the Philippines
God bless you Father… salute to your advocacy
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Marcella Lopez
This is the kind of priest every catholic needs. I mean in humility of spirit,. Instead of begging and seeking donations from the communities, , he was the one shouldering the responsiblities to co -help with the construction of their Church whom his catholic community badly needed. And in the process he is building a personal relationship with the Muslim brothers/sisters.and giving good example to his parishioners.Fr. Silagpo, you are an embodiment of a good Shepherd as well as an amazing servant of Christ. May your tribe increase.and may you continue to be an inspiration not only to other priests but to the laypeople as well for being Christ like.
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Aiza Mernilo Muñoz ·
University of Perpetual Help System Laguna

You inspired thousands of men with your humble works and good intentions! God bless your community father.. have faith! With God nothing is impossible..���
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Lilibeth Ma Grace Calderon

Fr Silagpo, may God send more laborers like you working for the Lords vineyard with such zeal. Para sa Diyos…Walang di gagawin para maakay ang Tao sa Daan patungo sa Diyos ng pag-ibig. May God bless you more.
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Madz Ong ·
Far Eastern University

God will surely bless your noble cause for His church, Fr. Joel…May this social media create a ripple of love..God bless po..��Unlike · Reply · 1 · 16 hrs

Lolit Madrigal Grospe ·
Ramon Avanceña High School_Manila

Calling our brothers and sisters regardless of what religion, please help them by sharing your blessing to built up the church. Its easy just deposit to their account number and they will received it easily. Let us support their fundraising for a good cause. God blesses everyone.

Samantha Smith
God bless you father your a great priest

Jim-Gin Exclamador Olandria
Your one in a million Father. God bless you always.
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Claire Nicolas
God bless you po .Will try to help.
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Leth Zapanta ·
Araullo High School
You are doing a good job of building your church and community in the most humble way Fr . Joel . Took note of your account # , is this a S/A ?

MG Waterloo ·
University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus

Praying for you Fr. Joel and God bless your heart and your actions. Unfortunately, why are the PPC officers in your parish just only sit down and laugh your suggestions? Why can’t they help? I dont know the situation ha its not mentioned what activities do the committee did to help…I would like to ask the people who laugh out and nagsasabi na are you not ashamed Fr? Pari ka? O ano ngayon, at least mayroon nang nag initiate na gagalaw para makalikom ng funds..d niyo pa na gets PPC Officers ng parish na to…parishioner kayo if you are working for a noble cause – why would you be ashamed? Unless ang motibo nyo iba – there you should be! Instead you help your Parish Priest have the funds to build your Parish Church…you are ashamed of Christ? My goodness…help naman kayo wag na mahiya…para din sa inyo yan…Pray ko rin mga PPC mo Fr na matauhan sila…peace
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Ate Atching ·
CEO & Founder of TIGULANG.COM at New York, New York

We can help by depositing true the bank, even how small the amount we give it will help.. The more you give the more you receive. ..God bless you!!!
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Lilibeth Barooti ·
Philippine College of Arts and Trade
God bless you Fr.Silagpo. You have just started Peace on Earth. You inspire Christian and Muslim and other religion to be one living in this world. Respect to any religion is a path to have Peace on Earth.
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Bebeth Canovas
that’s the true essence of being a priest….. a true church leader indeed
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Regina Navalta
fr.silagpo a bearer of peace and builder fiathfulness to the mother church.
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Merle Dela Victoria ·
University of Mindanao
God bless you father! Very inspiring….
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Dominico Laude
Thanks for dropping the account no. Soon God will provide, it will come.
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Fem Nilles ·
Works at Stanley Consultants

What a noble.
God bless you Fr.
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Gustilo Leonarda ·
Works at F.F. Cruz & Co., Inc.

How can I can reach you Father kindly post you Mobe #, others might be interested in helping uou reach your dream project..God Bless…seldom to hear this kind of work from a parish priest…So proud of you…
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Nest Reyes ·

Building Relationship With Different Religious Belief is Already an Accomplished..Keep Up The Good Relationship With Them, Father..
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Al Faustino Picardal Arpon ·
St. Rita College

I salute you Fr. Joel for that a person of integrity & humility may the good Lord continue to bless & protect you always
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Flor Dela Victoria Pales
Saludo po ako sa inyo Fr. God Bless you po!
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Jasmin Ortega Buenaflor ·
Manila, Philippines

My son is a Priest.. also we started/ help their order rebuilt the old church thru charity donations from friends and relatives and a brother in law who is an architect help them to redesigned for free and supervising the construction travelling from Angeles City to Caloocan for free… i called that dedication for a cause.. Fr. Silagpo i know how you feel iam with you… May God help you all your needs with no problem..Be glad to give you donation for your church.. Peace be with you and all who will be supporting you. For the Love of God..Amen
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